Write Club


Do you need a prompt for your writing? Are you feeling stuck in a rut or just want to challenge yourself? Below are some quick text prompts and links to my visual Pinterest boards which I put together after I was inspired myself by writer and poet Penny Jones.

I use the hashtag #WeDontTalkAboutWriteClub or #WDTAWC on Twitter when I add to the prompts or complete a story, and I’d love it if you got involved too. You can write in whatever genre you choose. 

I currently have two inspiration boards over at Pinterest: Creepy, dark, horror-inspired image prompts and fantasy/magic or nature-inspired image prompts.

Still in need of more inspiration? Here’s some quick text prompts:

  • The protagonist of the last film you watched and the last book you read go for a coffee together. How does that play out?
  • You stumble upon two men burying something in a forest. What’s going on?
  • “Not all dragons hoard gold…” write a story around this idea. 
  • What is the “perfect” murder? write a story around this idea.
  • Someone is eating cake in the bathroom… write a story around this idea.
  • “It looked like a normal house, except the whole thing was built from blocks of…” write a story which starts with these words.
  • The object closest to your left hand is your only weapon against the zombie hoards. Do you distract, attack or escape? Tell us more.
  • It was a six-word text message that could ruin someone’s life… write a story around this idea.
  • Your protagonist wakes up one morning to find they can talk to (animal)… what happens next?
  • Your favourite singer is making a cup of tea. Write a story. Make it interesting.
  • A character who is your exact opposite experiences an ordinary day in your life. What happens?
  • Write a love story in less than 400 words. Include the words “pool”, “teacup” and “vermillion”. 
  • Everyone has superpowers, except you. Tell us more.
  • A vampire bites your pet. What do you do?
  • You can skip ten minutes of your life but only once. When do you use it?
  • On your mobile, type “The story of” and let predictive text title your next masterpiece. Now write it. 
  • It’s 200 years into the future. Tell us what happened to all the trees.
  • You land your dream job, but it’s not what you expected. Why?
  • Rearrange/rewrite the lyrics of one of your favourite songs to make a poem or story.
  • The seven deadly sins attend a party… what happens next?
  • Write a 100-word drabble (very short story) based on some magical event involving a rainbow. 
  • Write a 100-word drabble (very short story) based on how bees took over the world. 
  • Write a 100-word drabble (very short story) based on why you won’t ever eat broccoli again. 
  • A mysterious statue appears in the city centre… and then people start going missing. Write a story that tells us what happens. 
  • When out for a walk one day you meet a stranger who tells you something about your past which changes your life. What is it and what happens?
  • Giant Space Lobsters have invaded the earth! You are the world’s only hope… what will you do?
  • Two strangers meet in an empty café and begin a conversation. What do they talk about and what happens next?
  • You see a figure in the mist. When you get closer, you see it is a clone of yourself. What do they tell you? What do you do?
  • Write a story about someone who wins a contest and the prize of their dreams.
  • Write a story about an ordinary day in a person’s life. Use their internal dialogue to make the story interesting.
  • Write a story about holding a birthday party for your best friend, but with a major plot twist. 
  • Write a story based on the metaphor: “Love is a fine wine.”
  • Write a story about a writer with a very unusual method for overcoming writer’s block.
  • Your protagonist is brutally honest and can’t lie to save their life. Tell us what happens.
  • Write a story about a character or group of characters who are waiting for something. Leave it unclear who or what they are waiting for.
  • You are Hollywood’s most successful tabloid paparazzi photographer, and you are about to retire. What’s next?
  • “Quiet on set!” A dense hush fell, and you waited for your cue. Tell us more.