The Round Pebble

The Round Pebble (formerly the Memento Vitae project) is an exploration through pictures, poems and prose of how we attach memories to physical items. It acknowledges that these things can have powerful stories connected to them; stories only we can tell. While these narratives are deeply personal, they also reflect aspects of humanity that can resonate with everyone. In these glimpses inside of other’s experiences, we can see pieces of ourselves. The Round Pebble provides both a window into someone else’s world and a mirror into our own.

Throughout our lives we collect and keep physical things that are important to us in ways others might never understand. These items — also known as “emotional tokens” — are often completely worthless in monetary terms, but absolutely priceless to us.

A perfectly round pebble found on the beach while on holiday. A silk scarf given to us by our grandma. A bead once part of a favourite necklace, worn so often it finally snapped. These physical things have powerful memories linked to them. Stories only we can tell.

~ The Round Pebble is a place for those stories ~

The Round Pebble can be found at and is curated by Tabatha Wood, Shannon Gillespie & Heather Christensen.

Please note: The blog is currently closed to new submissions until MARCH 2022.

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