Let Me Mother

Let me Mother my children my own way. Let me teach them and guide them, find the talents inside them. Let me praise them, advise them, never judge nor chastise them. Let me tell them how often they impress and inspire me, How I value their thoughts and believe them entirely. Let them grow without […]

Always, the Sound of the Sea

As my thoughts move like the swell of deep waves, And I feel the constant surge and wane of hope and love, While my mind ocean lurches, churns, oozes and breaks Like wild, white horses racing to the sands, I strive for quiet, a silent heart, a still pause, a breath Caught in the throat, […]

Song of Mourning for the Word

The page is dead, And all thoughts perished. Now blackness, bleakness, dominates instead, Where once were thoughts that dreamed and loved and cherished. Now Autumn falls and brings along cold darkened days, Stripped branches reach with bone-thin fingers to the skies. What once was green is faded into ashen greys, Now joyous leafy whispers change […]