Short Stories

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Dear Erica

A letter from an estranged lover finds its way to one who needs it most, but how it does so is a mystery.

Speculative fiction.

In the Shadow of the Moon

Memories, grief and new beginnings are all explored in this short piece giving voice to an older mother.

Speculative fiction. CW: child death.


The first story from my second collection SEEDS. An elderly couple take a road trip to celebrate their anniversary and encounter a field of mystical sunflowers. 

Horror. Dark fiction. Mild body horror.

Finders Keepers

When a young, down-on-his-luck slacker finds a wallet in the street, he pockets it. But has he made a terrible mistake?

Horror. Dark fiction.

Long Distance

A flash fiction challenge: 500 word romance using the word “spring.” Coming home. Mending hearts. Exploring love.

Romance. General fiction.