Resting Book Face: Micro Book Reviews

Life is short. Every precious second counts, especially when it comes to good books. Resting Book Face brings you quick-fire micro-reviews in under 280 characters. A few seconds to find your next great read. Guaranteed.

Micro-reviews or #micrevs are super short, snappy book reviews. They are always fewer than 280 characters, the character limit of a Tweet. Micrevs are a great way to tell others what I’ve been reading and what I’ve enjoyed, and can be easily shared and retweeted.

“Resting Book Face” is that bored and/or angry expression you may see many people pull – myself included – when their faces are at rest, which is due to them being separated from their current reading material. They’re not being hostile, they simply wish to immerse themselves amongst the pages of a good book. ?

More in-depth reviews can be found here: