The Burden of Pain

There is a light in the distance, a fire burning, beckoning,
It holds a heat that warms the embers deep within,
A flame of purest mutual understanding,
Not mere circumstance or sympathy, but raw emotion.
But that light is a candle braving harsh winds,
Flickers, is snuffed, waits to be lit once again…

Once lost in a moment, a time followed on
When the past was a dream that woke up and was gone
The future a vision that shouts with no voice
A cross that was wished for and carried by choice
Taste lost its meaning when mistake rose her head
Sight closed the door and retired to the dead
Sound closed its ears to the screams of the mute
Smell found some faith in the poor absolute
Thought found it hard to become understanding
Touch found a feeling of fright in surrounding
Dream turned to nightmare when truth crept within
Wish needed time to be nurtured with sin
Fear saw the need to be lost in the dark
Time grew afraid of the lonely and stark
The moral was lost in the loss of the meaning
We all sew our eyes closed and flee from our feelings…