As my dearest Nana once used to say,

“It’s blowing a hoolie outside!”

And we’re locked in a merry dance today,

The rhythmical wind and I.

With a whispering, fluttering,

swooping and skittering.

A floating and soaring,

surging and roaring.

We’re coupled in an amorous masquerade,

As I’m thrown and I’m spun by this wild tirade!

We are joined in elation and movement and motion,

In the song of the wild and the free.

Oh! And I twirl with my heart full of joy,


By that powerful, passionate, marvellous wind

Within me…

The wind is incredibly fierce this evening.

I sit inside, listening to it charge around the garden, rummaging and frolicking amongst hedges and leaves, shaking the house and windows. I wanted to try and play with the idea of movement and escalation through rhyme, or lack of, meddling with structure and shape to see if I could create something that echoed the rise and fall and unpredictability of the wind.