There will be times when the world
seems too much for you.
Too loud. Too angry. Too demanding.
You will lose all your words in the chaos,
Rediscover them in all the wrong places.

Those moments may spur you to recede,
to withdraw from the uproar and disruption.
You may seek your peace in solitude,
Eager to recoil from others’ expectations,
to feel the lull of a calming ocean.

It is in these dark, uncertain, trying times
that the world will need you most.
For you are the lover, the dreamer, the creator of beautiful things,
Presenting tools of hope to those who seek assurances,
Forged from the strength of your boundless heart.

Here and now, are the dreams you weave unconditionally,
The wonderful and the unexpected.
Not buried deep within the loneliness of sleep,
But on untrodden paths explored with eyes fully open,
Embracing all of life with your soul wide awake.

I’ve been revisiting and revising old poems this morning, while trying to write one for a competition.

This is not the one I will submit, but one which speaks of creative journeys and finding light when the world seems dark.