Me (1995)

Written almost 17 years ago for a GCSE assignment, and yet even adult me still likes it and finds it quite appropriate. 

I am a daisy squashed inside a clump of fellow flowers,
Gazing brightly upwards to the sun, Never shall you see
Me all alone. A single solitary figure I am not,
Forever dwelling amongst a crowd. My will is strong,
I will not be disposed of easily. Even when my flower
Has been plucked from my stalk, my roots remain to grow again.
I am a table. A sturdy structure on which you can rely,
Solidly I stand, bearing the weights of others upon my back,
Not once do I complain, but boldly do I remain steadfast.
I am a book. Wisdom stamped on every page, knowledge,
Fact or fiction. Time after time I am referred to, each time I help
To the best of my ability, my opinions never changing.
Never shall I lie or give a biased view. I speak the words that
I believe to be the truth. I am not prejudice, all are equal in my eyes.
I am a cat, independent, confident and proud. When angered
I will act with force. Bristling with annoyance,
Showing my displeasure to the world. With tooth and claw
I will defend myself and my beliefs.
When pleased I will purr with delight, bringing laughter and
Love to all that I am near, causing all unease to disappear.
I am green. The colour of fresh new grass springing randomly
From the earth. The hills and trees and leaves are all in me.
Lush countryside and calm seas course around my body through
My veins. Serenity and beauty fill my heart.
And I am a snowflake, swirling, twirling, floating from the sky.
Icy cold but feather soft. No two alike, individual and original.
Never will there be another one of me.

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