Oh, Patient Me

Oh patient me, I wait in vain,
The ones who find me are all the same.
They eat up my promises, swallow my fire,
Then tell me I’m shallow, a failure, a liar.
Don’t worry. Don’t stress. Don’t trust or confess,
It’s not like I even have feelings.
Don’t try to find out. Don’t scream and don’t shout,
These tears that I cry don’t have meanings.
I’m proud as a lion, as hard as a rock,
I’m tough and determined, I don’t easily shock.
I’m forward, protective, I do things my way.
If something annoys me, believe me, I’ll say
But under this cover, I’m flesh and blood too.
You cut me, I bleed. Hit me, I turn blue.
Yes, I do have feelings, I just hide them well
And the callous among you, don’t see, cannot tell.
But what do I care for the pitiful few?
You don’t for care me… and I don’t care for you.