Always, the Sound of the Sea

As my thoughts move like the swell of deep waves,
And I feel the constant surge and wane of hope and love,
While my mind ocean lurches, churns, oozes and breaks
Like wild, white horses racing to the sands,
I strive for quiet, a silent heart, a still pause, a breath
Caught in the throat, laid calm.
And always, without doubt and beyond question,
Sings the sound of the peaceful sea.

Through each sigh, and moan, and keening cry,
Each wail and thunderous roar of pain,
Prevails a barricade of salt and rock, of tears and strength.
Edges clipped at the sides, the broken wings of already flightless birds.
Resolved to stand aground, prepared for the inevitable
Erosion of time. For the walls to fall.
But always, without any fear of rejection,
Sings the sound of the steadfast sea.

With each slow and gentle touch, every blissful stroke of the shore,
One gentle caress belies the thievery of motion,
That chaos could return at any time, a gross tsunami of destruction,
Upheaval and catastrophe – a scarlet rage of irrationality,
Suppressed yet not quite tamed.
Yet always, with true confidence and expectation,
Sings the song of the fearless sea.