Tabatha Wood lives in New Zealand and writes weird, dark fiction and uplifting poetry. Despite her obsession with the strange and unusual, she considers herself mostly harmless.

A former teacher of English and Drama, her first books were aimed at those working in education. She now teaches from home while writing in her spare time. Her debut collection, DARK WINDS OVER WELLINGTON: CHILLING TALES OF THE WEIRD & THE STRANGE was shortlisted for a Sir Julius Vogel award in 2020 for Best Collected Work.

Tabatha strongly encourages the use of writing and creativity for positive mental health. In 2020 she was the lead editor of BLACK DOGS, BLACK TALES, a charity anthology of canine horror which has raised over $1000 in support of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 


If you enjoy any of the content available on my website, I would be thrilled if you would consider buying me a coffee.

Recent blog posts:

  • The Battle for the Best Movie Ever Made
    I started 2021 with an online feud, one which had been brewing for a while. It began as an innocent and innocuous tweet, as these things often do, as to which movie was the better one: Aliens (James Cameron, 1986) or RoboCop? (Paul Verhoeven, 1987)
  • Life Journaling
    As pretty much everyone else has said in their yearly roundups and reviews, 2020 was, to put it mildly, a bit rubbish. One of the best things I did this year was to start outlining monthly goals and tracking data with a Life Journal.
  • 2020 Round Up
    I had big plans for 2020. Yeah, I know, me and everybody else, right? But I really did… And then… everything went to Hell in a hand basket.