When people see you as a strong woman, they think that you do not need anything or anyone. They think that you can manage everything and will overcome whatever happens. They presume that you do not mind not being fully listened to, or you do not need any emotional or physical support.

When you are seen as a strong woman, people look to you to be there for them even if they are not there for you. They talk to you, and at you, and they think that you do not need to be heard. They do not listen to what you tell them. They never think that you might need them there for you.

The strong woman is never forgiven for her emotions. If she loses control, she is seen as weak. If she loses her temper, she is hysterical. She can never be honest about how she feels, or she is seeking attention. Her troubles are never seen to be as difficult or as real as they are for others, for she is a strong woman and can overcome anything. If she makes a mistake, she is reminded of it constantly, regardless of how many successful things she may have done before.

People look to the strong woman to forge a path for them, to raise her head above the parapet, but they are equally as quick to shoot her down if she becomes “too much”. A strong woman is never asked if she is tired, suffering or in pain, if she has anxiety or fear. The important thing is that she is always there when needed, that she puts others happiness above her own

People do not recognise the strength that is needed every day, to be the strong woman. What she gives will always be greater than what she receives. Yet most will never complain, as the strength that they give others is also the strength they keep for themselves. The strong woman knows she is strong, she has been knocked down many times and got back up again. She has rebuilt herself over and over, tirelessly reassembling her broken heart. She has achieved things without the help and support of anyone else because she is strong, she is confident, and she is defiant.

The strong woman may tell herself she does not need anyone, that she is perfectly capable and satisfied on her own, but often these thoughts come from being forced to be capable for so long, for having never received the support which might have helped her on her way, or the love that she was owed.

All women deserve to be recognised, respected and thanked, not merely those who seem in need or ask for help. The strong woman also wants appreciation and love, she wants to be thanked for the things she does and allowed the time to rest.

Celebrate the strong women in your life. Love them and cherish them, and above all, remind them, they are completely, assuredly and outstandingly amazing.

Inspired by another “strong woman” post shared on a Facebook page, but no original author credit given.

In memory of L.

A wonderful, passionate, defiant, strong woman. Some of these words are hers.