So, That Was 2021

Kia ora! Just popping by on the last day of the year to leave my final update of 2021 (and also so I can tick off one of last year’s goals, to make a blog post every month!)

I’ll keep it brief…

Very Good Writing-Related Things:

  • I released my second short story collection SEEDS in October to fabulous response and reviews
  • I won an Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) award for Best Nonfiction, for my essay on menstruation in horror and dark fiction
  • I was a AHWA finalist for another essay and for Best Collected Work (BLACK DOGS, BLACK TALES with co-editor Cassie Hart)
  • I was a finalist for a Sir Julius Vogel award for Best Fan Writing (also, menstruation in horror and dark fiction)
  • I had two books accepted into my local library catalogues, as well as my poetry chapbook BEACH GLASS & OLD BONES
  • Accepted stories, 4 – Accepted poems, 7 – Accepted essays, 8 (including on The Spinoff) – Features, interviews and other articles, 7
  • BLACK DOGS, BLACK TALES was mentioned in BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR Vol. 13 by Ellen Datlow.

Other Good Things:

  • I “levelled-up” in my day job and I am really enjoying it. It challenges me while also making me feel extremely proud of the help I am giving others.
  • My family have made our house and garden more how we want it, which has increased productivity *and* rest time.
  • I found more of my people and made some new, wonderful friends this year. Some of them I may never meet in person, but they have helped me through a lot. I also feel like I have strengthened some IRL friendships despite hiding myself away a lot due to COVID fears.
  • I have improved my writing and editing skills, and felt much more confident about dipping into other genres. I feel like I finally understand what I am good at and what I am *best* at.

My Resolutions for 2022:

  • I only really have one: keep writing!
  • Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me this year; those who saw me through my wobbles when I almost gave up writing, those who bought a book, left a review or otherwise told me how much my stories meant to them, those who leant me their skills and wisdom, and gave up their time to help me be the best I could be–I appreciate you all greatly.

    Here’s to 2022 and some brand new stories!

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