I don’t feel very well today,

But if you asked me what’s wrong, I’m not sure I could say. 

My mind is dim, but my body’s on fire,

My thoughts are chaotic, strung out with barbed wire. 

My concentration is… ooh, what’s that?!

I feel like my insides have been all squashed flat, 

And when I try to spell it out, all the words come tumbling back in doubt. 

No, I don’t feel very well today, 

But as strange as it seems, I know come what may,

Tomorrow will be different, a bright fresh start.

To stop. Take a moment. Count the beats of my heart. 

Feel the rhythm of my living that pounds away,

That drives me through each brand new day, 

That takes my hand and whispers… hey, it’s okay

To not feel very well today. 

That rest is good and necessary, 

That self-care and self-love are equally very

Important to keep that heart-fire burning,

To keep the love inside you turning,

To dream and desire, to know you are yearning

For more, yet more. 

To heal, and to feel,


2 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Steve Dillon

    You hit the nail bang on the head.
    Feels and best wishes, Tee. Xo

  2. Great poem for anyone feeling overwhelmed, tired, dealing with physical and mental health issues. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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