Content Warnings

As someone who usually writes “quiet horror” I haven’t always given much thought to content warnings. When I published All the Laird’s Men in August 2020, which was a deviation from my usual style, I was a bit more mindful of them, but I knew I could still do more.

In June 2021, Divination Hollow Reviews published my collaborative essay on content warnings and how to write horror responsibly for Pride in Horror Month. This essay featured contributions from a number of people in the horror community, both authors and reviewers. It highlighted the responsibility writers have towards their readers when they choose to include potentially traumatic narratives. This page is for people who want to read and enjoy my stories without being unexpectedly triggered or traumatised.

This is not an exhaustive list and I will be adding more as I go through all my published stories. I am also mindful that there are many other potential triggers I may have omitted accidentally. Please do feel free to contact me if you feel I have missed anything important and I will gladly update.

Seeds (2021)

All stories include a caution for use of strong/profane language and/or themes of a mature nature. 


  • Minor body horror


  • Infant death

The Path Between the Trees

  • None 

Breathing Room

  • None 


  • Suggested homophobia 

Just Deserts

  • Body horror 
  • Mention of self-harm

The Nameless Ones

  • None 

That Quiet Voice

  • Abusive relationship


  • None 

The Box

  • Missing children/abduction
  • Child abuse (non-graphic but may be disturbing) 

Best Boy, Best Friend

  • Bullying 
  • Ableism
  • Homophobic language 
  • Suggestion of child abuse 

Merry Christmas, Other You

  • None 

Night Wolves

  • Death of a sibling

Birth Rites

  • Child death 
  • Talk of infant loss 
  • Abusive relationship

In Loving Memory

  • Suggested sexual abuse (non-graphic)
  • Drug use and overdose

Long Drop

  • Traumatic childhood experiences 
  • Divorce and parental guilt 

All the Laird’s Men (2020)

  • Excessive gore
  • Excessive profanity
  • Talk of implied sexual assault 
  • Talk of implied homophobia
  • Child/infant death
  • Monster gore and violence 

Dark Winds Over Wellington (2019)

Heat Pump

  • General dread
  • Implied threat of sexual assault
  • Talk of abusive relationship 

Good Cup of Coffee

  • Implied mental illness

Last Chapter

  • General dread
  • Serious accident/talk of train derailment

Toot Tunnel

  • Broken relationship
  • Loneliness/depression

Fake Meat

  • Body horror
  • Child death
  • Spousal death
  • Minor monster gore


  • Mental illness
  • Grief
  • Cancer
  • Suicide
  • Mention of infant death
  • Paternal death

The Things You See

  • Mental illness
  • Body horror
  • Paternal separation 
  • Medication/drug use in a child 


  • Profane language
  • Minor gore

Blood Bonds

  • Fatphobia
  • Mention of child disappearance/death
  • Bullying
  • Loneliness/depression 
  • Child smoking

Second Chances

  • Implied homophobia
  • Child illness
  • Child death
  • Family separation
  • Physical assault
  • Minor gore


  • Body horror
  • Parental separation
  • Insects/bugs

From the Deep

  • Maternal death
  • Grief 
  • Child in grave danger
  • Minor monster gore


  • Implied threat of sexual assault 
  • Deaf protagonist/audism 
  • Mental illness
  • Minor gore