Whistle while you work

I could not write or create without music. Music fuels me and inspires me and can turn a slow and unsatisfying writing session, into one that flows smoothly and without hesitation. A good playlist can make all the difference between getting those recommended 2,000 daily words down, and committing only two lines to the page.


I am a writer. I am entirely confident in making this declaration because not only do I write absolutely every single day, but also I do not feel like I have any choice in this. I carry my phone, and a notebook and pen with me everywhere, because when inspiration strikes, it quite literally sinks


Written in August 2017, only a few days after landing in New Zealand after 30+ years in the U.K. Because what is moving to the other side of the world without some angsty poetry to document your feelings. Boxes Pack up my life into boxes to be shipped across the sea, My home reduced to