Dark Markets – Where to Submit

The most popular question I see asked on Twitter and other social media platforms is, “Where should I submit my work?” It’s something I struggled with when I first started out trying to sell my stories. If you’re a writer of horror or any dark speculative fiction, two great sites to check for open submissions are:

Dark Markets – https://www.darkmarkets.com – @darkmarkets


Horror Tree – https://horrortree.com – @HorrorTree

The people who run these sites work hard to keep submission callouts up to date and have an extensive catalogue of places to submit, websites to check out, and anthologies to get involved in.

Before you submit:

  • Always, ALWAYS read submission guidelines carefully before you submit.
  • Submit work in standard manuscript format unless the guidelines say otherwise.
  • Check if you can submit via an online submission form such as Moshka or Hey Publisher etc.
  • Two services for finding places to submit to and tracking submissions are https://duotrope.com/ and https://thegrinder.diabolicalplots.com/. Duotrope costs but is much easier to use.
  • Add a great cover letter and short bio including your contact details, email, website and social media links.

While this is in no way an exhaustive list, here are some of my top (usually) paying markets to submit to:

Allegory – https://www.allegoryezine.com – SF/F/H

Apex – https://www.apex-magazine.com – @apexmag – SF/F/H

Black Static – http://ttapress.com/blackstatic/ – @TTApress – H

Breach (NZ/Australian writers) – https://www.breachzine.com – @breachzine – SF/H/dark fantasy

Clarkesworld – http://clarkesworldmagazine.com – @clarkesworld – SF/F

Fireside – https://firesidefiction.com – @FiresideFiction – SF/F/H

Flametree – https://www.flametreepublishing.com – @flametreepress – F/Gothic

Nosleep – https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep – @NosleepPodcast – Realistic Horror

Pseudopod – http://pseudopod.org – @Pseudopod_org – Horror

Podcastle – http://podcastle.org – @PodCastle_org – Fantasy

Escapepod – http://escapepod.org – @escapepodcast – SF

Strange Horizons – http://strangehorizons.com – @strangehorizons – SF/F/H/fantastica

The Dark Magazine – http://thedarkmagazine.com – @thedarkmagazine – H/Dark Fantasy

Three Crows – https://threecrowsmagazine.com – @MagazineCrows – SF/F

Uncanny – https://uncannymagazine.com – @UncannyMagazine – SF/F

Unnerving – https://www.unnervingmagazine.com/ – @UnnervingMag – Horror & suspense

And The Nominees Are…

The following are short stories I had published in 2019 which I offer in consideration for award nominations, including (but not limited to) the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, the Hugo Awards, and the Australian Shadows Awards.

The web form for the SJV awards can be found here.

Dark Winds Over Wellington: Chilling Tales of the Weird & the Strange

For Best Collected Work.

Strange creatures lurk in the shadows of the Beehive, while a Beast arises From The Deep determined to destroy us all. Being Neighbourly might just change your life, and if you listen closely you can hear demonic Whispers in the wind.

So sit back, take a sip of A Good Cup of Coffee and question all The Things You See. In the city there are no Second Chances and every chapter might be your last. 

Inspired by Wellington legends and folklore, these thirteen original short stories will drag you on a chilling journey through the eerie, the weird and the strange.

“From The Deep” short story in my debut dark fiction collection – Dark Winds Over Wellington: Chilling Tales of the Weird & the Strange

March 2019, SpecFic/Horror — 3800 words

Earthquakes are caused by monsters moving under the earth and a giant squid advances on Wellington. A young boy knows the magic words to keep the city safe, but will his grieving single father believe him?

Sign Here” in charity anthology Tricksters Treats 3, the 7 Deadly Sins

August 2019, Horror — 700 words

A courier van driver gets more than he bargained for when his road-rage spirals out of control. Written in response to the prompt of “wrath”.

In the Shadow of the Moon, I Saw You Smile,” published on my author website

November 2019, SpecFic/dark fiction — 2000 words

A mother turns to the ocean and Old Magics to soothe the pain of her young child’s passing, and to help her make sense of the loss.

Red-Eye,” in Midnight Echo magazine issue #14

December 2019, SpecFic/Horror — 1500 words

A family on vacation meet an unusual stranger, who has an unenviable and essential role to play in their travels. A dark and poignant story which explores our lives as a journey, where things are not quite what they seem.

Butterfly,” in Breach magazine issue #12

December 2019, Horror — 2000 words

A guilt-ridden father twisted by his grief and faith takes matters into his own hands, with a desperate attempt to improve the life of his chronically ill daughter.

Open call for submissions — Black Dogs, Black Tales

I am extremely pleased to announce that after a good deal of plotting and scheming, I will be working with a fantastic team of people to put together a brand new horror and dark speculative fiction charity anthology entitled, “Black Dogs, Black Tales.”

This collection of short fiction will be raising money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, a charity very close to my heart. One in five New Zealand adults have been diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some time in their lives. This includes depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety disorders.

I have been working with my own group Well-Written: Writing for Wellness, both online and through workshops, since 2017 and I strongly believe that writing and creativity has helped me manage my own mental health. It seems appropriate that I use the written word to do whatever I can to support all those who are in need of help.

I’ve approached Steve Dillon from Things in the Well to be the publisher, and he’s gladly signed up for it. It will be formatted to align with their distinctive look and feel, and will fit in well with the other books in their series of themed anthologies.

If you want to know more, including how you can get involved, check our call out page here. And if you can’t submit but still want to help, you can donate to our Ko-fi page here.

Our official Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/blackdogsblacktales/ where you can find out about the reasons why I’ve set up this anthology, read introductions from the international team and get up-to-date news and announcements regarding the ToC and cover art.