Sometimes, when I’m struggling with a larger project, a smaller idea will worm its way into my head and give me a palate cleanser. It helps me to refocus and just get in a little bit of writing practice without worrying about it having to go somewhere or be something. This one came about when

The Waiting Room

Fact or fiction? … You decide. It’s exactly two years to the day that I reacted to some medicine my doctor gave me, passed out, cracked my head open and gave myself a serious concussion. Two years since I almost choked on my own vomit and died. Two years since I visited the Waiting Room


When people see you as a strong woman, they think that you do not need anything or anyone. They think that you can manage everything and will overcome whatever happens. They presume that you do not mind not being fully listened to, or you do not need any emotional or physical support. When you are

The Burden of Pain

There is a light in the distance, a fire burning, beckoning, It holds a heat that warms the embers deep within, A flame of purest mutual understanding, Not mere circumstance or sympathy, but raw emotion. But that light is a candle braving harsh winds, Flickers, is snuffed, waits to be lit once again… Once lost