“Little Teeth” (short story, body horror)

First published in Twisted Anatomy, Sci-Fi & Scary, 2021 https://www.amazon.com.au/Twisted-Anatomy-Body-Horror-Anthology-ebook/dp/B08TGCND39 Republished in Reflections, Wild Wood Books, 2022 eBook free to download at: BookFunnel: BookHip.com/HCZWBQWSmashwords: bit.ly/TWreflections Content warnings: depicts body horror, dental trauma and self-harm, profane language Her tongue finds it first, by accident, as she runs it, absentminded, across her gums. It feels massive, a gigantic protrusion. An

Love Song for the Dead

(First published The Dead Inside, 2022) I put your letters in the closet  with my old school shoes, eleven years and seven moons ago. I vowed to keep them hidden,  pushed as far back as they could go, boxed up with the memories they held. But memory finds me waiting,  poised to act in haste

Short Story: “Long Drop”

To celebrate SEEDS receiving its (amazing!) third award nomination of the year, this time from the Ladies of Horror Fiction for Best Collection, I have decided to make one of the most talked about and much-loved stories in the collection free-to-read for a limited time. Edit: this story was also selected at the very end

Featherston Booktown

I am delighted to announce that was recently asked to write a scary story for the CAMPFIRE TALES segment of Featherston Booktown, an annual book-focused festival taking place this year from 8th to 12th June. My creepy, urban-legend inspired tale, “The Bobbin Man” will be performed on two evenings and included as part of the

Sneak Peek: SEEDS

The first story in my new collection SEEDS is a flash-fiction piece entitled "Bloom." It follows an elderly couple on a road trip as they celebrate their anniversary and encounter a field of mystical sunflowers. As a special sneak peek, I am delighted to share it with you now.