Learning to Let Go (a Song for the Brave)

©️ Tabatha Wood 2022 In the deepest part of silenceas life’s embers spark and fade,I arise on a wave, barely conscious, cold, washed up on a faithless shore.  My hand in your sorrow, yousaved me still. Much more than I ever deserved. In the shallows…Do you hear the wind calling? Calling.Calling for our broken souls. We wait our turn to answer—braced,too

Short Story: “Long Drop”

To celebrate SEEDS receiving its (amazing!) third award nomination of the year, this time from the Ladies of Horror Fiction for Best Collection, I have decided to make one of the most talked about and much-loved stories in the collection free-to-read for a limited time. Described by author and editor Steve Dillon, who first published

Featherston Booktown

I am delighted to announce that was recently asked to write a scary story for the CAMPFIRE TALES segment of Featherston Booktown, an annual book-focused festival taking place this year from 8th to 12th June. My creepy, urban-legend inspired tale, “The Bobbin Man” will be performed on two evenings and included as part of the

Flash Fiction “Where You Go”

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You Get to Choose

A peculiar thing happened to me recently. An unexpected experience, out of the blue, that sent me reeling, questioning, revisiting old emotions that I thought I had buried deep inside of me where they would never, ever resurface. It took me back to almost exactly eight years ago when I let the voices of others

Dear Erica

It’s almost Halloween and I know some of my readers like to read spooky stories around this time. This is a story that didn’t make it into SEEDS as it just didn’t quite fit the collection. What it is, you’ll have to decide for yourself. I suppose I think of it as a ghost story,