Resting Book Face Reviews – MATRYOSHKA by Penny Jones

The most wonderful thing about Penny Jones' writing is it is impossible to pigeonhole her into any specific genre box. While her stories do often have recurring themes, she approaches each one with a fresh angle of attack every time. She is never predictable nor does she rely on tropes, her characters are as likeable as they are often horrible, and her prose has a delicious, dark beauty to it where dreadful events are described in layers of lyrical narration.

Book Review – ‘In Dreams We Rot’ by Betty Rocksteady

If I could write only three words about this collection, they would have to be, “Read it immediately!”  Twenty one fantastically different stories make up this anthology (plus an extra fifty-five 55-word flash fiction shorts) and every single one is remarkable and outstanding. Short stories can sometimes be difficult to get right, the author has

Book Review – ‘Perfect Little Stitches’ by Deborah Sheldon

Deborah Sheldon’s “Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories” won the Australian Shadows Award for Best Collected Work 2017, was shortlisted for the “Best Collection” Aurealis Award, and was long-listed for the Bram Stoker Award “Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection”. It is easy to see why. This is an immersive and intricate collection where every

Resting Book Face: Micro Book Reviews

“Life is short. Every precious second counts, especially when it comes to good books. Resting Book Face brings you quick-fire micro-reviews in under 280 characters. A few seconds to find your next great read. Guaranteed.” Micro-reviews or #micrevs are super short, snappy book reviews. They are always fewer than 280 characters, the character limit of

Book Review – ‘Where We Land’ by Tim Jones

Originally published in 2015 under the title ‘Landfall’, cli-fi novella ‘Where We Land’ by Tim Jones is quick to read but slow to leave you.  Focusing on two very different characters — Bengali refugee Nasimul Rahman and young New Zealander Donna, a shop assistant and volunteer for the Shore Patrol — ‘Where We Land’ is set in