Busy Bee, Busy Being Me

These past few weeks have been extraordinarily busy. I’ve spent a lot of time hunched, (apologies to my physiotherapist,) over my keyboard and churning out a steady stream of short stories. I’ve sent out six submissions in two weeks and I’m currently working on two more.

I know these massive spurts of inspiration are likely to be short-lived, and I also need to give myself a little down-time, but I’ve been very much enjoying all the ideas that have tumbled from my brain.

Here’s just a little taster of something I’m working on right now. Don’t be fooled by its apparent calmness. You know it will have curved itself into something weird and unusual by the end.

I’ve also got a massive TBR pile of books, both physical and electronic, that I’ve been meaning to crack into for quite a while. I won a $50 Pressie card from my local library, so it seemed appropriate to use some of that to support some excellent writers, new and old. I hope to actually write some reviews in the near future.

For those interested, the books in my pile of both recently read and soon-to-be-devoured include:

Its a mixed bag, just how I like it.

I’m also still very focused on the Wild Women workshops with Stella, and we’ve had an excellent attendance rate for all the sessions so far.

I’m really looking forwards to being able to share some more stories very soon, plus I have the outline of a novella brewing in my brain. No rest for the wicked, as some may say.

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