Written in August 2017, only a few days after landing in New Zealand after 30+ years in the U.K.

Because what is moving to the other side of the world without some angsty poetry to document your feelings.


Pack up my life into boxes to be shipped across the sea,

My home reduced to a list of items meaningless to all but me.

My heart is heavy with both dreams and sadness, the guilt and joy, they swing and pivot, my head so full yet, oh, so empty.

And I float, above myself, observing all I do, a disconnected soul drifting in the smoke of my desires.

Locked in a place between worlds, before reality can finally be pieced together,

Where a dream becomes solid, a choice becomes real.

Say goodbye to those boxes, sailing onwards across the seas, a few steps behind me,

I’ll not suffer to be reunited with my experiences, all the memories I’ve made, they’re already here with me inside my head, within my heart.

I have no fear that I’ll make new boxes.

Fill them with the ideas of my future, and with the passions of my past.

I’ll unpack them with the others, build a tower of myself

So I can climb, climb, and look out beyond at things as yet beyond my reach, and trust that one day soon all this will be another box of me.