You Get to Choose

A peculiar thing happened to me recently. An unexpected experience, out of the blue, that sent me reeling, questioning, revisiting old emotions that I thought I had buried deep inside of me where they would never, ever resurface. It took me back to almost exactly eight years ago when I let the voices of others

Once More We Rise, extract

I will be releasing my first novel in late 2022, an as-yet unnamed collection of four intertwined novellas best described as gothic fantasy mixed with speculative memoir. The novellas are best described as being separated into "seasons" which span across generations and a collection of characters/events. The following extract is another piece of the puzzle (with some parts left deliberately vague) that makes up the whole.

Dear Erica

It’s almost Halloween and I know some of my readers like to read spooky stories around this time. This is a story that didn’t make it into SEEDS as it just didn’t quite fit the collection. What it is, you’ll have to decide for yourself. I suppose I think of it as a ghost story,