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Tabatha Wood, British / New Zealand author (tauiwi).

Pronouns: they/them.




Tabatha Wood is a two-time award-winning author of dark, speculative fiction and narrative poetry living in Aotearoa. They like strong coffee, soft cats and spending time by the sea. 


Tabatha Wood is an Australian Shadows and Sir Julius Vogel award-winning author of weird, dark, speculative fiction and quiet horror from Aotearoa New Zealand. A former English teacher and school library manager, they now tutor from home while also working as a freelance writer, translator and editor. 


Tabatha Wood is a two-time award-winning author of weird, dark fiction and narrative poetry from Aotearoa New Zealand. A former English teacher and library manager, their first books were guides for professional educators, and their work has featured in print and online worldwide. They now tutor from home while also working as a freelance writer, editor and translator.

Tabatha has won two awards for their horror nonfiction; an Australian Shadows Award in 2021, and a Sir Julius Vogel award in 2022. They are a three-time finalist for the Sir Julius Vogels, beginning with their debut short story collection, DARK WINDS OVER WELLINGTON, shortlisted for Best Collected Work in 2020. Their most recent collection of short fiction, SEEDS, was shortlisted for three awards in 2022: the Australian Shadows, Sir Julius Vogel, and the Ladies of Horror Fiction awards. 

Their creative writing is often inspired by their life experiences and the beautiful country where they live. They are passionate about the benefits of writing for positive mental health and founded the writing-for-wellness group Well-Written in 2017 to promote this belief. Tabatha believes in giving back to the community and has organised a number of charity fundraisers and events. They enjoy making their own art and jewellery; creating costumes and props for cosplay projects; and loves dressing up to help support a good cause.


“Slyly subversive horror. Recommended.” – Jamie Delano, comic book legend and writer of LEPUS: DIZZY, HELLBLAZER: CONSTANTINE plus many others.

“Tabatha’s writing is beautiful and strange. I love it.” – Steve Dillon, Shirley Jackson Award nominee, former AWHA President and author of THE BEARD AND OTHER WEIRDNESS.

“I love the dark edges Wood travels in their writing, the slightly eerie, all-too-possibly-true feel they have.” – Mary Walker, author of LULLABY FOR MOTHERS.

“Wood has a lovely physicality to their writing that further supports both the beautiful and that which is less so.” – Stella Peg Carruthers, writer and editor.

“Heartfelt and gruesome in all the right places.” – Aiden Merchant, author of HORRIFIC HOLIDAYS, editor and reviewer.

“Tabatha has a way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.” – Yvonne Davies, horror reviewer.