Bite-sized chunks of positivity

At the beginning of the year, much like a lot of other people I suspect, I made some resolutions. Small ones, that were attainable and non-stressful. More like mini-goals to be honest. The previous two years have been a bit of a challenge, to say the least. Last year I published a grand total of […]

“Little Teeth” (short story, body horror)

First published in Twisted Anatomy, Sci-Fi & Scary, 2021 Republished in Reflections, Wild Wood Books, 2022 eBook free to download at: BookFunnel: Content warnings: depicts body horror, dental trauma and self-harm, profane language Her tongue finds it first, by accident, as she runs it, absentminded, across her gums. It feels massive, a gigantic protrusion. An […]

Love Song for the Dead

(First published The Dead Inside, 2022) I put your letters in the closet  with my old school shoes, eleven years and seven moons ago. I vowed to keep them hidden,  pushed as far back as they could go, boxed up with the memories they held. But memory finds me waiting,  poised to act in haste […]

Sir Julius Vogel Awards—finalist!

I was delighted to receive an email this afternoon to let me know that I am a Sir Julius Vogel Award finalist for the 4th year running! This year I have been successful in two categories: Best Collected Work: Reflections Best Fan Writing: “No Horror Without the Body: How Body Horror Helped Me Embrace Being […]

REFLECTIONS, a new ebook

It’s been a very strange year. I definitely did not think I would manage to get *anything* done, let alone actually put out another collection. Plans and goalposts have been moved around and cancelled, and I almost gave up completely after my laptop ate my WIP! Despite all that, REFLECTIONS has been born, and I […]

Short Story: “Long Drop”

To celebrate SEEDS receiving its (amazing!) third award nomination of the year, this time from the Ladies of Horror Fiction for Best Collection, I have decided to make one of the most talked about and much-loved stories in the collection free-to-read for a limited time. Edit: this story was also selected at the very end […]

Featherston Booktown

I am delighted to announce that was recently asked to write a scary story for the CAMPFIRE TALES segment of Featherston Booktown, an annual book-focused festival taking place this year from 8th to 12th June. My creepy, urban-legend inspired tale, “The Bobbin Man” will be performed on two evenings and included as part of the […]

A New Year, Another Author Questionnaire…

I found these great questions for writers on Twitter and I answered them in a couple of threads over there (you can find me at @Tabatha_Writes if you want to follow me) but I thought it would be cool to pop them on my blog too. Part One 1. I started writing as soon as […]