New Releases Coming Soon

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while as I manoeuvred things into position and I figured out what I wanted — and needed — to do. It seems like a strange time to be promoting work, especially with much of the world in turmoil, and while here in New Zealand we are doing […]

Allowing Time to Grow

Come closer, I want to tell you a secret … *whispers* Here’s something we, in adulthood, don’t often get told. Just because you thought or believed something in your youth and were vocal and passionate about it then, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind, learn and grow, and be vocal and passionate about new […]

I Get By

The Beatles knew it was important. They sang a song all about it. And at least fifty other people (including Joe Cocker and Wet, Wet, Wet) covered that song too. The Beatles asked for Help and they would often Come Together, but mostly, they Get by with a Little Help from (their) Friends. For a […]

Book Review – ‘Cricket Hunters’ by Jeremy Hepler

“The crafter should sever the limb from a living tree with their bare hands, alone. No tools. No onlookers. No help from anyone else. Preferably, the crafter will have grown with the tree, watered its roots, climbed its branches, danced in its shade, sung with the birds it housed. The deeper the crafter’s connection to […]

Book Review – ‘In Dreams We Rot’ by Betty Rocksteady

If I could write only three words about this collection, they would have to be, “Read it immediately!”  Twenty one fantastically different stories make up this anthology (plus an extra fifty-five 55-word flash fiction shorts) and every single one is remarkable and outstanding. Short stories can sometimes be difficult to get right, the author has […]

Book Review – ‘Hidden City’ by Alan Baxter

For some odd reason unknown to me I found Alan Baxter’s works quite late compared to many others. Which I am not mad about at all. There is something rather wonderful about finding an author you really relish, only to discover they have a plethora of other works already ripe for you to enjoy. I […]