Writing in Other Places

A collection of my articles, interviews, stories and guest posts for other blogs – 2018 – 2021.

Original stories can also be found on my Curious Fictions account here.


Holy Trinity original short fiction ‘Earworm’ (three drabbles) at the Horror Tree (July 2020)

Nightwatchers, an original short story – Part One and Part Two at Dead Head Reviews. Also available at Curious Fictions. (June 2020)

‘An Ocean of Stars’ (audio) read and recorded for HuttZone Wellington Access radio. (June 2020)

Short Story ‘Red-Eye’, in Midnight Echo magazine issue #14. A family on vacation meet an unusual stranger, who has an unenviable and essential role to play in their travels. A darkly poignant story which explores our lives as a journey, where things are not quite what they seem. (December 2019)

Short Story ‘Butterfly, in Breach magazine issue #12. A guilt-ridden father twisted by his grief and faith takes matters into his own hands, with a desperate attempt to improve the life of his chronically ill daughter. (October 2019)

RISE: A Collection of Poems. Poems about motherhood, family, old friends, spiritual journeys and the sea. Free ebook on Smashwords (October 2019)


ALIENS V ROBOCOP: The Battle for the Best Movie Ever Made – a four-part essay/argument with Kit Power. (January 2021)

Essay one – The Opening Statement – at Ginger Nuts of Horror

Despite all the guns, gore and military ‘grunts’, ALIENS is really about a mother who has lost her child and a child who is in dire need of one. It shows just how far a woman will go to protect her ward. And if you go ahead and flip that on its head, you realise that the Alien Queen has exactly the same prerogative. It’s an epic showdown between two formidable matriarchs. Survival of the fittest.”

Essay two – The Case Against – at Ink Heist 

Satire uses humour, irony and exaggeration to ridicule and expose with the intent to shame individuals or corporations into bettering themselves. This is exactly where ROBOCOP fails. By melding man with machine in an attempt to create a more efficient method of law enforcement, it suggests that this is the very solution that these aforementioned companies need.

Essay three – The Corporation’s Legal Teams Get Involved – at Divination Hollow Reviews 

You state that my use of the name of “ED-209” is in flagrant violation of OCP patents and copyright. I ask that you prove to me exactly where I have used this name inappropriately or incorrectly. Need I remind you that OCP created a giant, artificially-(semi)intelligent robotic machine-gun which malfunctioned in a crowded boardroom and gunned down one of their employees, and they called it a “peacekeeping machine”. A little naïve, I feel.

Essay four – The Final Battle – at Sci-fi & Scary 

“It mirrors the time-honoured human tradition of knowingly sacrificing a group of people if it appears to serve the greater good. ALIENS shows us that while war might seem unavoidable, it comes with an incalculable price. The number of weapons you have and troops you command mean nothing; the real tally of conflict is human lives.”

Laugh Yourself to Death – 31 Horror Comedies for Halloween at Dead Head Reviews (October 2020)

5 Halloween Watchlist Recommendations at Dead Head Reviews. (October 2020)

Great Graphic Novels to get you Back Into Reading at Sci-fi & Scary. (September 2020)

Get Your Teeth into This! Best Werewolf Movies from the Past 40 Years (and some books) at Dead Head Reviews. (August 2020)

Queer Vampires in Modern Cinema for Dead Head Reviews Pride in Horror Month. (June 2020)

Who is Ellen Ripley? – Revised and reprinted in The Digital Dead magazine. (June 2020)

‘Writing the Queer’ an essay for Dead Head Reviews Pride in Horror month. (June 2020)

WIHM: Who is Ellen Ripley? at Ginger Nuts of Horror. (February 2020)

WIHM: An Exploration of Menstruation in Horror and Dark Fiction at The Horror Tree. (February 2020)

The Horror of Humanity: The Tao of the Black Dog at Ginger Nuts of Horror. (January 2020)

Guest Post: The Mother is the Monster with Ladies of Horror Fiction. (May 2019)

Interviews & Reviews

Interview with Steve Dillon from Things In The Well at Voices from the Well.

Honeybones by Georgina Bruce, review at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Interview with Lee Murray for Things in the Well.

Interview with Penny Jones at Ginger Nuts of Horror discussing ‘Black Dogs, Black Tales’.

The Horror of Humanity: Staring Down the Darkness with Lee Murray at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Author interviews at Things in the Well: Voices From the Well.

Inspiration for Midnight Echo #14 story “Red Eye” at Sinister Reads.

Book Review ‘Where We Land’ by Tim Jones for SpecFicNZ.

Flashes of Inspiration at The Fine Toothed Comb.

New Zealand Writer Spotlight – interview with Kim at The Writer Side of Life.

Book Review ‘The Beard and Other Weirdness’ by Steve Dillon at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Five Minutes With Tabatha Wood at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Women In Horror: Witches Brew – A Recipe For Writing Horror at Colleen Anderson’s Horror Blog.

Women In Horror: Alias, Wood and Jones. – an interview with Penny Jones at Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Women in Horror: Beating the Black Dog with Black Tales  at The Horror Tree.