All the Laird’s Men

A brand new novelette from Sir Julius Vogel finalist Tabatha Wood. Ebook available via Smashwords.

‘All the Laird’s Men’ by Tabatha Wood
Wild Wood Books, 2020

Monsters, military and mayhem. A ragtag trio of Scottish soldiers meet their match at Loch Ness when they’re sent on what might end up being their last ever mission.

Corporal Hopkins just wants to go home. After many years serving with the Laird’s Men, he deserves his freedom. But while the long war that fractured New Britain may be over, Raiders in the Scottish forests still pose a deadly threat. 

Charged with dismantling a roving horde, Hopkins and his elite unit are outnumbered and woefully unprepared for the real horror that awaits them. From the shadowy depths of the great Loch Ness, an ancient evil is rising.

When the battle for survival in an unforgiving country never ends, Hopkins knows it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. In the darkness, everybody bleeds the same.

‘Dog Soldiers’ meets the Loch Ness Monster in a dystopian future Scotland. Fast-paced action twinned with raw emotion. This quick-bite read might break your heart.

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains themes of violence and strong language throughout.

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