As a former teacher of English and Drama, and a college library manager, my first published books were non-fiction guides aimed at people working in education. I wrote three titles for Continuum International Publishing Group, (two of which have been translated into Portuguese and Malay and sold internationally) and I worked as a technical editor with Wiley Publishing and Bloomsbury Academic. I now teach from home while writing and editing in my spare time.

My debut fiction collection of short horror and speculative fiction stories, Dark Winds Over Wellington: Chilling Tales of the Weird & the Strange, was a bucket-list passion project, and the first time I had released my short fiction. It was independently published by Wild Wood Books in March 2019.

Since then, I’ve had stories published in the charity anthology “Tricksters Treats 3, Seven Deadly Sins”, the magazine of the Australian Horror Writer’s Association, Midnight Echo #14 and in the Australian/NZ sci-fi and horror magazine Breach #12. I also regularly release free-to-read, original fiction on my blog and at my Curious Fictions account. I have a brand new story, “Long Drop,” which will be included in Outback Horrors Down under, an anthology of Antipodean Terrors due to be released later this year.

Currently, I am working as the lead editor in a team of twelve for the upcoming charity anthology, Black Dogs, Black Tales. Our aim is to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and the book will be published by Things In The Well Press in 2020.

You can find some of my interviews, book reviews and articles on a number of other blogs including: Voices From The Well, Ginger Nuts of Horror, Ladies of Horror Fiction and The Horror Tree.

My creative writing is often inspired by my life experiences and the power of the beautiful land where I live. I write a lot about the benefits of writing for positive mental health, and I use creativity as a tool to connect, inspire and heal. I started the writing-for-wellness group Well-Written in 2017 which seeks to promote this belief, and, up until recently, I ran regular monthly workshops for writers in Wellington.

Outside of writing, I have organised a number of charity fundraisers, including two Can’t Stop the Serenity events supporting Equality Now in 2008 and 2014. I enjoy making my own art and jewellery and creating costumes and props for cosplay projects. I love dressing up to help support a good cause.

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