Just Write

Write the damn story. What are you waiting for? No, you don’t need permission from anyone. If you’re doubting yourself because you don’t think you have the talent, that’s okay. Maybe you don’t… yet. But you have passion, and often that’s better. You can learn the craft, but first you have to put the effort […]


Sometimes, when I’m struggling with a larger project, a smaller idea will worm its way into my head and give me a palate cleanser. It helps me to refocus and just get in a little bit of writing practice without worrying about it having to go somewhere or be something. This one came about when […]

Heat Pump

To coincide with Women In Horror Month in February, I have released a sneak preview of the first story from my upcoming anthology Dark Winds Over Wellington.  I am proud to say that it received an Honorary Mention from the New Zealand Writers College, annual short story competition 2018, and serves to set the chilling […]

Whistle while you work

I could not write or create without music. Music fuels me and inspires me and can turn a slow and unsatisfying writing session, into one that flows smoothly and without hesitation. A good playlist can make all the difference between getting those recommended 2,000 daily words down, and committing only two lines to the page. […]

The Waiting Room

Fact or fiction? … You decide. It’s exactly two years to the day that I reacted to some medicine my doctor gave me, passed out, cracked my head open and gave myself a serious concussion. Two years since I almost choked on my own vomit and died. Two years since I visited the Waiting Room […]

Beating the Black Dog with Black Tales

* header photo credit to Sara Rolin via Unsplash * I haven’t always written horror, although I have been an avid fan of it since I first stumbled upon Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ when I was around 13. I always read books well outside my suggested age range, much to my mother’s chagrin. She supported […]

Glass Ghosts, Unbroken

Everywhere I go now I carry small pieces of green glass with me, Worn smooth by the ceaseless sea, And made pale by the powerful sun. Broken and discarded yet also a small token of delight. Each time I find some lying on the beach, I pick it up. I pocket it. And always it […]