Shoe, Who do you belong to? How is it that there is only one of you, And not two? Forgetting both, that seems like a thing I’d do. But to lose one only, half of a pair, seems almost too odd to be true. I wonder if your owner will miss you, Return to collect […]

Creative Christmas Magic

It always surprises me, how often I will simply fall into a piece of writing. How my creative self leads me without my even being conscious of it most times. At the moment I am winding down physically and relaxing more. Partly this is due to impending Christmas celebrations, and also because due to a […]

Adventures Over the Sea – part 1

I recently found some old notes which I had planned to turn into some sort of memoir/record of our holiday to New Zealand, back before we knew we were going to come and live here. Even as I started writing about it all, things were changing for us, we were making the push to move […]

Razor Rebellion and Fearless Friends

I need to mow the lawn again. If our landlord comes around, he won’t be happy. The phrase, “grows like a weed” is especially appropriate here, given that most of it is weeds. But honestly, I rather like the wildness of it; the messy, random, “not-keeping-up-with-the-Jones’s-ness” of it. A small piece of rebellion in the […]


As my dearest Nana once used to say, “It’s blowing a hoolie outside!” And we’re locked in a merry dance today, The rhythmical wind and I. With a whispering, fluttering, swooping and skittering. A floating and soaring, surging and roaring. We’re coupled in an amorous masquerade, As I’m thrown and I’m spun by this wild […]