When people see you as a strong woman, they think that you do not need anything or anyone. They think that you can manage everything and will overcome whatever happens. They presume that you do not mind not being fully listened to, or you do not need any emotional or physical support. When you are […]

Do That Thing!

Do That Thing! That thing that scares you Pushes you Drives you to your very limit And encourages you to dig deep Within yourself? Do that thing! That thing that excites you Inspires you Unlocks many new doors which You’ve never even thought about Opening? Do that thing! That thing that nourishes you Feeds you […]

Bend the Weave

How do my children see so much with gentle eyes that absorb those things that I, older and yet still so inexperienced, know of so little. How can they still smile when all those raw images, projected into them without consent, still race, pulsate toy with their private thoughts. How do they hear the vulnerable […]


I am a writer. I am entirely confident in making this declaration because not only do I write absolutely every single day, but also I do not feel like I have any choice in this. I carry my phone, and a notebook and pen with me everywhere, because when inspiration strikes, it quite literally sinks […]

I Won’t Wait

Was I supposed to wait For the planets to align For things to get better For someone else to make the difficult choices For you? I won’t wait. It’s not in my nature to spend my life in limbo Waiting in a queue or for my turn To speak If you want me Run with […]


I have found, Through time, through experience, Through facing and conquering the many challenges life has thrown at me To catch, And release, That there is always place for hope. Hope through change. Hope within love. That where anger once tried to diminish me, Forgiveness holds the true strength to heal and resolve. And I […]


These lines on my face do not worry me They are not imperfections which I feel the need to hide These lines are the roadmap of my journey They are creases in the pages of my story They are tiger stripes earned through courage, strength and determination They are cracks in the glaze of a […]

Being a Triangle

A lot of things change when you make the decision to emigrate, and in some ways the actual move can be the least hard. Culture shock, and it’s ongoing effects, influence so many areas of an immigrant’s life, and it can feel like no sooner have you established yourself in one phase, another challenge will […]


Take heart These are battles that you do not need to fight Conflict that can never reach a satisfying goal Brave heart Find strength in the moment and the courage to do what’s right Nurture the love that leads you and feeds your soul Dear heart Climb out of the howling darkness and carry your […]