Me (1995)

Written almost 17 years ago for a GCSE assignment, and yet even adult me still likes it and finds it quite appropriate.  I am a daisy squashed inside a clump of fellow flowers, Gazing brightly upwards to the sun, Never shall you see Me all alone. A single solitary figure I am not, Forever dwelling […]

Tick Tock

Bloody ticking clocks keep telling me it’s time. It’s time to change, time to alter, time to move. Seconds, minutes, hours; how long does it take? Bloody time, it just keeps going, won’t be stopped, never slowing. But sometimes I think it’s telling me that whatever I chose to do: I’m always too bloody late.

Oh, Patient Me

Oh patient me, I wait in vain, The ones who find me are all the same. They eat up my promises, swallow my fire, Then tell me I’m shallow, a failure, a liar. Don’t worry. Don’t stress. Don’t trust or confess, It’s not like I even have feelings. Don’t try to find out. Don’t scream […]