Tabatha (TL) Wood is an Australian Shadows and Sir Julius Vogel award-winning author of weird, dark, speculative fiction and quiet horror from Aotearoa New Zealand.

A former English teacher and school library manager, their first books were nonfiction guides for professional educators, published by Bloomsbury Press. They now tutor from home while also working as a freelance writer, translator and editor. 

Tabatha strongly encourages the use of writing and creativity for positive mental health, and is the founder of Well-Written, an online group which supports writing for wellness. Tabatha’s work is often inspired by their lived experiences. When they’re not writing, they like strong coffee, soft cats, and spending time by the sea.

Recent blog posts:

  • REFLECTIONS, a new ebook
    It’s been a very strange year. I definitely did not think I would manage to get *anything* done, let alone actually put out another collection. Plans and goalposts have been moved around and cancelled, and I almost gave up completely after my laptop ate my WIP! Despite all that, REFLECTIONS […]
  • Short Story: “Long Drop”
    To celebrate SEEDS receiving its (amazing!) third award nomination of the year, this time from the Ladies of Horror Fiction for Best Collection, I have decided to make one of the most talked about and much-loved stories in the collection free-to-read for a limited time. Edit: this story was also […]
  • No Horror Without the Body: How Body Horror Helped Me Embrace Being Nonbinary
    An essay about horror and identity written for Pride in Horror, June 2022 The doctor calls my name in the waiting room and I take just a little too long to respond. The name she calls out is not the one I use anymore in my daily life, but is […]