Tabatha Wood lives in Wellington, the ‘Coolest Little Capital’ of Aotearoa, New Zealand and writes weird, unsettling fiction and dramatic poetry, mostly under the influence of strong coffee. 

As a former English teacher and school library manager, her first published books were nonfiction guides aimed at professional educators. She now tutors from home while also working as a freelance writer and editor. 

Her debut collection DARK WINDS OVER WELLINGTON was shortlisted for a Sir Julius Vogel award in 2020 and she made the AHWA Australian Shadows Awards shortlist three times in 2021 for her horror nonfiction and edited work. Her essay on menstruation in horror and speculative fiction won the nonfiction category. 

Tabatha strongly encourages the use of writing and creativity for positive mental health, and is the founder of Well-Written, an online group which supports writing for wellness. In 2020 she was the lead editor of BLACK DOGS, BLACK TALES, an Australian Shadows-nominated charity anthology of canine horror which has raised over $1000 in support of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 


If you enjoy any of the content available on my website, I would be thrilled if you would consider buying me a coffee.

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