Tabatha Wood is an award-winning author of dark, speculative fiction and narrative poetry living in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

A former English teacher and school library manager, their first books were nonfiction guides for professional educators, published by Bloomsbury Press. They now tutor from home while also working as a freelance writer, translator and editor. 

Tabatha won an Australian Shadows Award in 2021 for their essay on menstruation in horror and dark fiction and was shortlisted three times for their horror nonfiction and edited work. They are a two-time finalist for the Sir Julius Vogel awards, with their debut short story collection DARK WINDS OVER WELLINGTON shortlisted for Best Collected Work.

Tabatha strongly encourages the use of writing and creativity for positive mental health, and is the founder of Well-Written, an online group which supports writing for wellness. In 2020 they were the lead editor of BLACK DOGS, BLACK TALES, an Australian Shadows-shortlisted charity anthology of canine horror which has raised over $1000 in support of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

If you enjoy any of the content available on my website, I would be thrilled if you would consider buying me a coffee.

Recent blog posts:

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    Copyright ©️ Tabatha Wood 2021Except for the purpose of fair review, no part may be stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including recording or storage in any information retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author. No reproduction may be made, by any […]
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  • Once More We Rise, extract
    I will be releasing my first novel in late 2022, an as-yet unnamed collection of four intertwined novellas best described as gothic fantasy mixed with speculative memoir. The novellas are best described as being separated into “seasons” which span across generations and a collection of characters/events. The following extract is another piece of the puzzle (with some parts left deliberately vague) that makes up the whole.