Ripley: Celebrating The Strong Woman

I remember the first time I watched the movie “Aliens”. I was 15 and I watched it in secret from my parents with two friends in their “den”. We watched “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” on the same day. I guess we must have been on a James Cameron kick. I remember being absolutely and totally

I Aten’t Dead!

Readers familiar with the late, and wonderful, Terry Pratchett, will no doubt recognise this post title. Perhaps I should scribble such a sign and hang it in a prominent place on my website and blog, or even around my neck like Granny Weatherwax, as I am most definitely not dead at all. I am, however,


There will be times when the world seems too much for you. Too loud. Too angry. Too demanding. You will lose all your words in the chaos, Rediscover them in all the wrong places. Those moments may spur you to recede, to withdraw from the uproar and disruption. You may seek your peace in solitude,

Women In Horror

Sharing a guest post I wrote for the wonderful Colleen Anderson as part of Women In Horror Month. “Witches Brew – A Recipe for Writing Horror.” * image credit John Silliman via Unsplash


I am going to be doing something very new this year which challenges me and frightens me, but also invigorates me and excites me. I will be offering workshops for women to help them find their Wild Voice. I wrote this last year when I was just beginning to find my own Wild Voice and

Just Write

Write the damn story. What are you waiting for? No, you don’t need permission from anyone. If you’re doubting yourself because you don’t think you have the talent, that’s okay. Maybe you don’t… yet. But you have passion, and often that’s better. You can learn the craft, but first you have to put the effort


Sometimes, when I’m struggling with a larger project, a smaller idea will worm its way into my head and give me a palate cleanser. It helps me to refocus and just get in a little bit of writing practice without worrying about it having to go somewhere or be something. This one came about when

Heat Pump

To coincide with Women In Horror Month in February, I have released a sneak preview of the first story from my upcoming anthology Dark Winds Over Wellington.  I am proud to say that it received an Honorary Mention from the New Zealand Writers College, annual short story competition 2018, and serves to set the chilling