Resting Book Face…

The Twitterverse was abuzz the other day with a story about women having surgery to fix their “Resting Bitch Face”, or, you know, just how some women look when they’re not smiling.

Apparently some ladies dislike that they look angry or unapproachable when their faces are at rest. Me? I don’t mind in the slightest; everyone knows I can be shockingly acerbic when insufficiently caffeinated. My RBF keeps the public safe from any of my cutting remarks. 😉

But a comment from my husband made me realise that I have two kinds of RBF: one is the most common definition, the other is “Resting Book Face.”

So, I’ve decided that I am going to start a regular “Resting Book Face Round-up” thread on Twitter, where I will tweet about my most recent and recommend reads.

Some I’ve just read, some I’ve read and reviewed for Kendall Reviews.

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“Perfect Little Stitches” Deborah Sheldon — Beautiful, dark & eerily haunting. Loved it. Fabulous writer.


Grind Your Bones to Dust” Nicholas Day — Visceral and raw, excessively dark and will fuck with your head. Amazing prose and beautiful writing. Devastating and unforgettable book.


“Cricket Hunters” Jeremy Hepler — Cleverly crafted, very well-written and strong characters throughout. An entertaining and thrilling read, Hepler kept me guessing and skilfully toyed with my emotions.


“Broken On The Inside” Phil Sloman — SO good. Fantastically well-written collection and deliciously dark. Devoured it in a day and was angry that there wasn’t more.


“Final Girls” Mira Grant — hauntingly beautiful that seemlessly melds horror with science fiction and adds in a skilfully weaved feminist twist. Steeped in metaphor and layers of unease. Will make a home in your head and linger.


“Odd Thomas” Dean Koontz — a re-read of one of my favourites which is so skilfully written it’s as close to a perfect book for me. I adore the main character and the ending kicks me right in the feels. Beautiful.


Not a horror book! “Awa and the Dreamrealm” Isa Pearl Ritchie — Not released into the wild yet. Really gorgeous young teen book. Exciting and engaging story, great characters, wonderfully multi-layered and thoughtful. Addresses important issues with confidence & care.

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