An Ocean of Stars

For Diana. Because you liked my stories so much, I thought you should have one of your own. She drives to the beach every morning, come rain or wind or shine. She takes the Book with her, wrapped carefully in a translucent sheath, to ensure no part of it can be damaged. It is special […]

Long Distance

Flash fiction challenge: 500 word romance using the word “spring.” I’ve done it again. Just like I always do. My mouth was in gear but my brain was in neutral, saying words I didn’t really mean. It’s hard for me; I’m not like you, I’m much more emotional. You twist me around like a coiled […]

Even The Best Can Get Better

There is a sign on State Highway 2 near where I live in New Zealand aimed at motorcyclists. It says: “Even the best can get better.” Each time I drive past it, it makes me smile, because it speaks to me not as a motorcycle owner, but as an artist and writer, passionate about what […]