Me (1995)

Written almost 17 years ago for a GCSE assignment, and yet even adult me still likes it and finds it quite appropriate.¬† I am a daisy squashed inside a clump of fellow flowers, Gazing brightly upwards to the sun, Never shall you see Me all alone. A single solitary figure I am not, Forever dwelling […]

Tick Tock

Bloody ticking clocks keep telling me it’s time. It’s time to change, time to alter, time to move. Seconds, minutes, hours; how long does it take? Bloody time, it just keeps going, won’t be stopped, never slowing. But sometimes I think it’s telling me that whatever I chose to do: I’m always too bloody late.

Future Imperfect

Written a few years ago now, but still one of the pieces I am the most happy with. Recently performed at Weaving Words¬†writing and poetry group. Nothing lives here any more, nothing of substance anyway. They came along and took it all away. Tidied it up, and hid it from the minds and hearts of […]

Oh, Patient Me

Oh patient me, I wait in vain, The ones who find me are all the same. They eat up my promises, swallow my fire, Then tell me I’m shallow, a failure, a liar. Don’t worry. Don’t stress. Don’t trust or confess, It’s not like I even have feelings. Don’t try to find out. Don’t scream […]